Summer School 2022 participant in the Paulinerkirche, a state-of-the-art exhibition and conference venue within the Göttingen State and University Library.

This is a blog of the Digital Palaeography section of the Göttingen University Institute for Digital Humanities. Digital Palaeography at Göttingen is conceptualised broadly as the history of the Western book using digital methods. With the support of the Volkswagen Foundation, we run a broad range of teaching, research and outreach activities. They include digital palaeography and codicology, hyper- and multispectral imaging, text encoding using TEI XML, handwritten text recognition (HTR), digital critical editing, cataloguing, IIIF and digitisation standards, bookbinding, and many more. Twice a year we run a week or fortnight-long spring and summer school in digital palaeography with partner libraries in Göttingen, Wolfenbüttel, Vercelli and Verona. This varied programme is reflected in regular updates by our staff, students and visiting partners. The aim of this blog is both to represent all the different activities that take place at the Göttingen Institute for Digital Humanities, and to outline the possibilities of studying palaeography and codicology using digital tools.

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